Backup & Business Continuity

Prevent data loss and keep your business running in the event of a system failure

Business-leaders know that organizations need to adapt to the unpredictable. When systems are offline or data has been lost, Aquipt’s backup and business continuity services are there to get you running quickly. A suite or customized, flexible solutions available on-premise or in our secure cloud protects your business against human error or natural disasters.

Organizations can’t afford downtime, especially an extended outage. Every minute that your organization is out of operation, your business is suffering. Aquipt helps businesses dramatically reduce their downtime – saving countless hours of productivity and dollars in lost revenue.

The Aquipt Business Continuity Suite:

  • Solution planning – working with our team of expert engineers, we design a plan that fits your needs and budget
  • Infrastructure connection & replication – by replicating mission-critical data off-site, your information and applications can be securely accessed from anywhere
  • Customizable RTO’s and RPO’s – Recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives can be manipulated and changed according to your organizational needs
  • Continuous Monitoring – our team of expert techs maintains and evaluates your environment 24/7



A fully customizable solution to meet business goals

As IT budgets shrink, and managers and businesses are expected to do more with less, Aquipt works with organizations to present solutions that fit within business parameters. From maximizing existing IT resources to minimize capital expenditures, to providing predictable cost solutions that make budgeting and planning easy, our team of techs are on the hunt for the newest, most innovative solutions.

Whether you need to optimize the servers and infrastructure you already have invested in or are looking to offload some or all of your environment to a cloud-based platform, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Exceeding industry and regulatory requirements

Highly regulated industries across the board are cracking down on data and information security. Aquipt’s business continuity and backup solutions are engineered to exceed the requirements of even the most rigorous standards.

Cost consistency

As your organizational needs shift, Aquipt disaster recovery services enable your infrastructure to shift as well. Our backup services streamline the costs associated with maintaining your systems. By providing hot and cold site replication, we’re able to manage the costs of even the most robust, complex systems.

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