Network & Data Security

Comprehensive business technology security & management

Security breaches affect organizations of all sizes and complexity. With network and data security services from Aquipt, business-leaders gain peace-of-mind that their sensitive business information is protected from intrusions and attacks.

A tailored security solution

Instead of the one-size-fits-all approach, Aquipt will tailor a solution to fit your specific organizational needs. Our team of engineers and analysts spec your system and your user-base to determine the right solution for your needs and budget.

Aquipt’s Network and Data Security Suite:

  • Email monitoring and filtering
  • Mobile device management
  • Workstation security

Intrusion protection and monitoring

Outdated or obsolete equipment and software are the main culprits for network intrusions. Aquipt’s team of expert technicians monitor our client’s assets 24/7 to ensure that patches are up to date and the technology throughout your environment is working at maximum capacity.

Aquipt also partners with the finest hardware and solutions providers on the planet. Pairing our technology expertise and these world-class manufacturers ensures that our client’s environments stay safe and productive.

Reduce existing labor cost and free IT resources

Imagine freeing your IT staff from routine tickets and patch updates. By maximizing their time and eliminating day-to-day maintenance, they are open to work on projects that innovate for your organizations and produce revenue generating solutions. With Aquipt’s team engineers and technician by their side, we work in lock step with your business leaders to maximize technology, making it work for you – not the other way around.

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