Office 365

Cloud-hosted business essential email, applications, and information

Microsoft Office 365 from SSI delivers the industry-leading applications your team relies on combined the security that your executive team needs. Our hosted Office solution is 100% compliance ready, secure, and accessible to your employees anywhere there is an internet connection.

Instead of constantly worrying about updating and reconfiguring your Office Licenses, cloud-hosted Office 365 delivers storage, productivity, and efficiency tools that are as easy to update as the click of a button.

Secure by design

Completely compliant with world-class standards and built with permission capability, version controls, and record management to ensure that all of your information is secure.

Administration made easy

IT decision-makers know that configuring countless users is time-consuming and tedious. With enhanced executive level controls, your technology team has a single point of access to control all of your users.

An easy transition 

At Aquipt, we understand the incredible burden that law firms and legal organizations are under. We work with our clients to deliver solutions that are tailored to their needs.

A partner for the legal industry technology and Office 365 needs

At Aquipt, we partner with some of the most innovative technology vendors on the planet. Our aim is to help improve the way the legal industry works together. Office 365 from Aquipt helps firms better organize, produce, and collaborate.

Call today to find out more about Aquipt and our technology tools purpose-built for law firms and litigation organizations.


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