Virtualization & Migration

Maximizing technology & simplifying IT resources

Increasingly, IT departments are tasked to do more with less. Maximize efficiency while reducing overhead or launch new applications and keep costs down. With Aquipt’s virtualization and migration services, organizations can quickly and seamlessly cut costs and reduce the complexity of the infrastructure.

By simplifying your business’s IT structure, not only do organizations minimize cumbersome physical servers, your environment becomes easier to maintain. Aquipt not only blueprints and implements these migrations, we proactively maintain the environment 24/7.

Aquipt virtualization services: 

  • Streamline technology infrastructure
  • Increase security
  • Enhance flexibility for rollouts
  • Easy scalability for growth and new users

Compliance and security assurance

While physical servers are susceptible to any number of risks – natural disasters, obsolescence, human error – virtualization is not. Aquipt’s virtualization and migration services utilize secure data center resources, that are fully compliant with the most rigorous standards, to ensure that even if your physical location is compromised, your data is safe.

The scalable technology solution

As business grows, your IT environment needs to grow with it. With physical servers, that included buying, prepping, and implementing new equipment – time consuming and expensive.

Virtual servers minimize the effort and cost of scaling infrastructure and adding VM’s. Increased revenue and business shouldn’t be a nightmare for the IT department. Virtualization enables technology departments to innovate for these new customers and clients.

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