IT Assessments

A holistic audit of your IT resources to ensure efficiency, security, & scalability

As technology evolves, it is incumbent on business leaders to stay a step ahead. An IT assessment from Aquipt can enable organizations to stay a step ahead of trouble areas, and predict security risks before they happen.

Regardless of the size of the environment, there can be gaps. By closing these gaps, organizations eliminate costly inefficiencies and dangerous security loopholes. Working with Aquipt, organizations learn in detail where these gaps exist and what actions can be taken to eliminate them.

An Aquipt IT assessment includes: 

  • Network analysis
  • Compliance checks and assurances
  • Business continuity planning
  • VoIP phone readiness
  • Cloud-scalability readiness
  • Device security auditing

Security and Vulnerability Checks

Data security could not be more relevant for business owners and IT decision makers. Safeguarding your systems against spyware and ransom-ware is just the tip of the iceberg.

Network failures are rarely the result natural disasters, and more commonly are due to user error or human failure. If you’re systems are backed up and protected, your business is threatened daily.

At Aquipt, we work with you to uncover threats that could cost you time and money by providing you with an actionable plan to solidify your technology defenses.


Revealing Budgetary Efficiencies

Outdated and unreliable systems may also be costing you money by simply being inefficient. Organizations need to uncover these inefficiencies in order to run at their peak.

Aquipt will provide you with recommendations that will lengthen the life of your current IT infrastructure while providing incremental changes that will pay lengthy dividends for business owners.

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