Mobile Device Management

Simplify and secure mobile devices across your organization

For a workforce that increasingly relies on personal devices for business, IT decision-makers need to protect sensitive information while encouraging production.

Mobile Device Management from Aquipt protects critical organizational data, enhances executive-level control, even erases sensitive material from unrecoverable devices.

Protecting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Workforce with Aquipt:

  • Easy Enrollment – quickly set up new employees and devices
  • Application integration – all the apps your employees are using quickly and securely available
  • Centralized management – full reporting on usage, risks, and activity on your network
  • Total security – protecting sensitive business information no matter where it is

Empowering people while protecting business information

Your employees want to innovate and produce for your organization. It’s the savvy-business leader that empowers their workforce, while protecting information.

Aquipt provides a range of MDM options that are designed to meet the needs of organizations of all shapes and sizes. From highly regulated industries that have strict compliance requirements like finance and law firms – to organizations with structural specificity and management complexity – we’ll find a plan for you.

Delivering business essential applications

With Aquipt’s mobile device management, not only are executive level controls and security enhanced, users gain access to their Office 365 applications they use daily. We make deployments easier for new employees, and when roles change, updating permissions and information is simplified.

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