Cloud Advisory Services

Understanding and implementing the new business cloud standard

Businesses across the globe are leveraging cloud solutions to streamline technology systems and data. Aquipt works with businesses and organizations to consult, plan and implement cloud strategies and provide a road map that you can turn into action plans.

By prioritizing applications and systems, and designing a cloud solution that fits your business exactly, we can help you realize the cost-saving and security benefits of the cloud.

Moving to the cloud with Aquipt’s help: 

  • Built in disaster recovery and backup options
  • Maximize you workforce’s mobility and productivity
  • Eliminate expensive hardware
  • Scalability for organizational growth

Secure mobility & productivity solutions

While agile and flexible, one of the main reasons the cloud has become the go-to infrastructure or organizations of all sizes, the cloud has proven to be a most reliable platform when it comes to system security.

By nearly eliminating the threat of natural disasters or inclement weather, it also safeguards organizations against human error. Aquipt’s prioritization of systems during a consulting period can help you protect your mission-critical systems. If something goes wrong, you’re still in business saving you time and money.

The budget-conscious approach to technology

While cloud solutions were once thought expensive and cumbersome on an environment, technology has made these concerns a thing of the past.

With an assessment from Aquipt, we can help you find inefficiencies in your environment – unveiling where there are actual money-saving advantages to implement a cloud solution.

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