Disaster Recovery

Rapidly recover your IT environment in the face of a disaster.

Understanding and minimizing risk is an integral part of operating a 24/7 business. Preparing for these risks and failures is incumbent upon business-leaders and IT managers. When IT failures happen, they impact the entirety of an organization, not just employees, customers too. You’ve spent countless hours and dollars ensuring customer loyalty and business credibility; don’t let an outage damage that reputation.

Disaster recovery solutions are a critical element of any organizations infrastructure. How do businesses control cost and resource overhead while supporting and monitoring a robust in-house system?

With Aquipt’s managed cloud disaster recovery solution, businesses protect their precious information and data in the event of an outage, and minimize expensive capital expenditure on hardware and in-house servers.

Protection & Compliance

  • Protect your business from data loss and unavailability of mission-critical services
  • Satisfy external regulatory requirements effectively
  • Test and update your existing DR service to better reflect today’s requirements
  • Streamline the costs associated with maintaining your current DR services
  • Implement robust recovery services without the upfront costs and complexity

Continuously connected and accessible during a crisis

Enabling you to access your protected business systems and information during an on-site outage is just the beginning of Aquipt’s managed disaster recovery solution. When you connect your infrastructure to our disaster recovery platform, your applications, data, and systems are replicated off-site and available to modify from anywhere. Resources are available on stand-by from our resilient Secure Cloud. Whether your primary servers are located on-site, in private data centers or in an Aquipt hosting facility, your information is ready and available to you and your organization.

Disaster Recovery solutions designed for you

There’s no one-size-fits all approach at Aquipt. We leverage several industry-leading solutions and maintain close contact with our clients to ensure that we find a tailored suite of packages that work for you and your organizational needs.

After migration, we’re continuously monitoring your environment and needs to ensure that you’re only using exactly what you need to keep costs in alignment with your budget. Requirements are different for difference businesses. If you need certain files available at all times, we have “hot” services available. Some files are non mission-critical? We have “cold” standby equipment ready for use.

Mission Critical Recovery

  • Avoid the high costs of maintaining and supporting your own DR infrastructure in-house
  • SLA’s tied to your business.
  • Alleviate the operational challenges of delivering DR services to the business

All services are backed by 24/7 Monitoring, a dedicated team and failover testing to ensure your mission critical environment is protected.

Regardless of whether you are implementing a DR strategy or consolidating existing facilities, speak with our solutions team today.

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