VoIP Phone Service

The new standard for business communication integrates applications and enhances productivity

Communication is the backbone of a healthy, successful business. VoIP (voice-over-IP) phone systems deliver an overall better quality phone experience and innovative integration features with a reliable, cost-effective model that has made it the new business standard.

Managed by Aquipt’s team of expert technicians, VoIP phone systems are the growth-ready scalable phone solution. Our proactive monitoring and maintenance delivers the most sophisticated, clear business communication solution on the market.

Call clarity and customizable configurations

VoIP phone offer the highest quality for all calls and communications, regardless of organizational size or industry. Aquipt understands that you rely on these systems daily; that’s why we work tirelessly to present a phone experience that is unrivaled in clarity and ease-of-use.

As your business grows, VoIP phones from Aquipt are easily customizable to keep pace. By eliminating cumbersome on-site equipment and management, users and lines are added easily to align with your workforce.

VoIP Phone Business Solutions:

  • Intercom systems
  • Option groups
  • Voicemail to email
  • Easy call forwarding
  • CRM / VoIP integration

A total communication solution

By leveraging Aquipt for VoIP phones, businesses remove the burden of managing hardware, carriers, applications and their disparate costs. We provide a one-source solution. We manage your contract with your existing carrier, act as your hardware vendor when you need new devices, and integrate applications and data all from our U.S.-based solutions center. One call and our team is at work for your business communication needs.

The mobile workforce and the worker on the go

With custom application integration, voicemail to email, and easy call forwarding, VoIP phone are the standard for mobile employee. By giving them access to all of their message, contacts, and notes from where ever they’re working from, you simplify their processes and enable new levels of production.

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