FileSharing & Sync

Enhance collaboration and production with secure, accessible filesharing and sync tools

Workflows that require input from an entire team used to mean countless emails, phone calls, physical paper, and endless hours. Aquipt’s file sharing solutions empower team members or an entire organization to seamlessly work on projects from anywhere, on any device securely.

Backed by the security and compliance standards of all of Aquipt’s solutions, documents, files, and data is easily shared with confidence.

Aquipt’s FileSharing Solution:

  • Mobility made easy with downloadable applications
  • 100% compliance and disaster recovery ready
  • Email integration features
  • Workflow controls

Complete control of business information

File check-in and check-outs enable managers to keep track of where information is at any point in the workflow. Permissions make it easy to keep confidential information in the right hands. Tracking accountability and protecting client information has never been easier.

With Aquipt’s file sharing, you can be confident your data is secure. Using secure protocols and encryption, all files are protected, even when your server is at rest. Administrators can set granular permissions based on specific folders, databases, or users to control confidential information.

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