Network Engineering

Identify & remedy network security threats before they strike

Your network is the backbone of your daily operations, and their security is paramount for keeping your organization running. A comprehensive network assessment from Aquipt can help decision-makers determine where there are vulnerabilities and generate a plan to wipe them out.

From unchecked mobile devices to risky applications, threats are constantly looming around your business operation. If your network hasn’t been check recently, there’s no telling how stable your environment is.

A test method for security.

Aquipt’s team of certified engineers will help you reveal flaws, conflicts and redundancies within your existing network resources. From investigation and diagnosis, to creating action plans, we work with you from start to finish to eliminate threats and follow through on solutions.

The Aquipt Network Security Assessment:

  • Firewall investigation
  • Comprehensive security auditing
  • Detection of spyware, viruses, and loopholes
  • Server log review

An expert technology partner

At Aquipt we pride ourselves on ensuring the ongoing security and readiness of our clients. More than simply reporting and filing, we work with clients to create an action plan that fits their needs and budgets. By helping our customers triage issues, they minimize the greatest risks immediately and save money on the tasks that can wait.

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