Trial Support

Equipping and managing the war room - the living, beating heart of trial spaces. Managing the technology your team relies on, allowing you to focus on winning.

The Aquipt Trial Support Experience

Enabling trial teams to focus on winning matters by unburdening them of trial logistics and support. When you rely on Aquipt, you know that your technological capabilities are running at their peak. When you’re in the midst of a matter, you need to be 100% focused on the task at hand, not technical difficulties. Our expert team of technicians and engineers know the in’s and out’s of trial technology, and put decades of experience to work for your team.

Equipment rental and management
Logistic support
Technical setup and troubleshooting


Project Management

Our experienced project managers enable you to offload the planning and management of logistics, space, bandwidth procurement, vendors, and freight to focus an your trial.

As your primary point of contact, your project manager serves as an invaluable extension of your trial team, handling the many tasks that could distract team members from their main goal.

Venue services
Contract negotiations
Vendor management
Freight & logistics coverage

Technology Equipment Rental

By equipping your trial team with the latest, most reliable technology, you increase their efficiency and productivity in the war room and, in turn, their capability.

Our flexible terms, local delivery to many major markets and next-day shipping nationwide all add up to a seamless, cost-efficient solution.

Best-of-breed technology equipment
Next-day and same day delivery
Equipment maintenance and monitoring available

Technical Support in the Court and War Rooms

Your trial teams need assurance that your war room will operate efficiently and effectively 24/7. Our support specialists provide the level of technical support you need with a single goal in mind: to keep your trial team operational and productive.

Our technicians stay with your team for segments or the entire duration of your trial, so you have immediate help when you need it.

Equipment set up and maintenance
Networking and server work
Continuous, proactive monitoring

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