A flexible, secure, scalable environment for business optimization

Traditional physical infrastructure has always been cumbersome in terms of deployment and management. Difficult to scale and costly, technology budgets can skyrocket when it comes to infrastructure.

With Aquipt’s hosted infrastructure, we remove the burden of maintenance and server costs, and deliver all of the systems and services that you rely on through a scalable, flexible cloud environment. Billed as a utility, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), flexes to fit the needs of growing business, and shrinks when it slows.

Hosted Infrastructure from Aquipt:

  • Eliminate upfront capital expenditure
  • Secure management control panel
  • Increased central customization
  • 24/7 support availability

The Resilient, Risk Reducing Choice

Traditional on-site infrastructure is subject to the whim of nature and human error. Aquipt’s hosted infrastructure eliminates the risk associated with on-site servers and networks. If a disaster were to happen at your office, your business information would be lost, costing you countless dollars in downtime and data – not to mention the compliance nightmare.

By leveraging Aquipt’s data center resources, we provide a completely optimized, continuity compliant option. Our team of expert technicians and engineers proactively monitors your environment to not only fix problems as they arise, but eliminates them before cause damage.

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