A cloud infrastructure platform purpose-built to address the complex demands of eDiscovery Application hosting, matter ingestion and strict data security standards.

Modern eDiscovery

Modern eDiscovery applications demand more high-performance resources than ever before. With MatterPoint they’re always available on-demand, with price certainty every step of the way. Your team still performs all discovery tasks and we don’t force you into a specific application.

MatterPoint is about regaining the flexibility, reactiveness and control that you need in the legal sector’s shifting landscape. We give you a computing platform built, maintained and supported by IT professionals that understand e-discovery software requirements. A truly valuable e-discovery platform is not only fast and redundant, but also private and secure. That’s why MatterPoint is 100% content-neutral and uses only industry leading encryption throughout.

Bring Your License
Scale On-Demand
Full Support
Billed Precisely



Built for eDiscovery

From ingestion to production, MatterPoint is built to maximize performance at every stage. Incorporating multiple advanced storage tiers (including SSD) and Aspera FASP technology for ingestion, MatterPoint’s capabilities go far beyond those of standard cloud infrastructure.

This translates to a more agile e-discovery environment that enables you to always run the latest and most resource-demanding applications knowing that MatterPoint can expand capacity to match your dynamic needs.

Accelerated Storage Tiers
Advanced Network Architecture
Enterprise-Class Equipment


Centralized Management

We keep you in control with direct administrative access to your resources.  We know from experience that eDiscovery IT is not easily predictable and access to scale or reconfigure your environment may be required at a moment’s notice.

MatterPoint’s baseline billing and transparent reporting provides cost certainty.  With the ability to maneuver resources, especially storage tiers, clients gain extreme infrastructure efficiencies at all times.

Administrative Control
Cost Certainty
Always Efficient


Comprehensive Protection

With strict industry demands, compliance standards and client concerns facing law firms today, security is at the core of our platform. We utilize industry-leading encryption and isolated network architecture to protect data at all times – in transit and at rest.

We keep your eDiscovery infrastructure compliant, right-sized, and efficient – increasing your ability to respond to new opportunities. Alleviating data compliance concerns leads to administrative efficiencies while promoting increased trust from your clients.

Isolated Network Resources
Secure Data Ingestion
Physical Safeguards & Encryption

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