Aquipt Proud to Sponsor CPC 2017

For the second year in a row, Aquipt will be sponsoring the Courtroom Presentation Conference (CPC 2017). Titled The Future of Courtroom Presentation “Beyond the Software”, the conference runs July 27 and 28 in Los Angeles, CA.

Year in and year out, CPC 2017 is one of the premier events for courtroom logistics and presentation techniques and strategies.

From the CPC 2017 website:

The Courtroom Presentation Conference (CPC) has been created to provide insight, ideas, and education for presenting in the courtroom. The faculty is comprised of the most experienced and well-known professionals in the area of trial presentation and courtroom technology in the country…Our ultimate goal is to provide education on the best practices and techniques of trial presentation in an effort to reduce stress for trial teams taking technology into trial.

The event draws paralegals, litigation support specialists, and attorneys from across the country trading ideas and discussing industry trends.

Speakers at the event discuss and demonstrate best practices and the latest innovation regarding trial presentation.

As a leader in legal technology and the U.S.’s premier trial support organization for court and war rooms, Aquipt understands the critical need for sophisticated trial technology and presentation equipment. We’re proud to support CPC 2017 and hope to see you all there.

Courtroom Presentation Conference – CPC 2017

Date: July 27 – 28, 2017

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