kCura Relativity

Relativity is your complete platform for e-discovery.

Whether it’s litigation, information governance, a government request, or an internal investigation, Relativity gives you a complete set of flexible tools to tackle your unique challenges through every phase of a project. Being a Relativity user also means joining a community of more than 130,000 peers looking to learn from each other and share their experiences.

A premier e-Discovery platform, Relativity is utilized by 195 of the top 200 law firms in the nations. It’s built to handle matters that range from the day-to-day to the most complex cases.

Relativity & Aquipt’s MatterPoint

Aquipt’s datacenter engineers are Relativity Infrastructure Specialist, an official designation that demonstrates our commitment to e-Discovery excellence. This specialization uniquely positions AQUIPT as a leading provider of Relativity hosting on the MatterPoint platform – offering class-leading eDiscovery computing.

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